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Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement

Your engine computer needs to know when it’s time to send a spark through the spark plug, it does this with the information from the camshaft position sensor. The CPS tells the engine computer the exact right time to ignite the air/fuel mixture and makes sure your engine runs as flawlessly as possible. 

What is a camshaft position sensor? 

A camshaft sensor is attached to the camshaft drive and spins at the exact same rate. As it spins it sends a magnetic field to a small sensor that is mounted next to the camshaft drive. The sensor then sends the charge to the engine computer and this tells it what position the camshaft is in. There is usually one CPS for each camshaft in the engine. 

Duralast New Camshaft Position Sensor SU266Why do you need a camshaft position sensor? 

In order for the engine to run properly it needs to have the right timing for all the important parts to fall into place. If the camshaft sensor is faulty, the engine will run extremely poorly or just not run at all. 

How to tell if you need a new camshaft position sensor

If it will turn over but not fire up, or if your engine suddenly starts to run very violently with big misfires and backfires then the camshaft sensor might be failing. You may also struggle to keep the car going or a prominent ‘check engine’ light appears on the dashboard, it may be the CPS as well. 

How is a camshaft position sensor replaced?

If the car has more than one camshaft, the mechanic will use a OBII port sensor to figure out which of the sensors require replacement. They will then remove the coverings on top of the engine and disconnect the wiring from the sensor. The sensor will then be replaced and the wiring connected to the new sensor. The car will be started and checked to make sure the issue is resolved. 

How much does a camshaft position sensor replacement cost?

A typical CPS replacement costs around $185 to over $650 for a quad-cam engine requiring sender and receiver modules replaced.

How often do I need a camshaft position sensor replaced?

Usually not within a car’s lifespan. It will only need replacing if it fails.

Is a broken camshaft position sensor unsafe?

It can stop your car from running and if it happens while you’re driving then it can cause a real headache or even an accident. If it breaks you will need to get it fixed immediately, it’s an essential sensor in your engine.

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