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Check And Repack Wheel Bearings

Your wheel bearings are what allows your wheels to spin freely and keep your car going straight. They’re an essential part of keeping your car safe and driving as it should.

What is checking and repacking wheel bearings?

Your wheel bearings may need to be lubricated, or they’re getting close to the end of their lifecycle. In any case, it’s a good idea to check in on them and make sure that everything looks as it should. Repacking them is just a case of greasing the bearings and resetting them.  

Why do you need to check and repack your wheel bearings?

Your wheel bearings have such an important job, that it’s worth taking car of them. Checking and repacking is just servicing your wheel bearings. It will make them last longer, perform better and you’ll be able to spot when they’ll need replacing.

How to tell if you need to check and repack your wheel bearings

It’s basically exactly the same as when you notice a bearing failing, just more minute details. If you can hear a rumbling from a certain corner of the car then you may need to check the bearings. If you find the car slightly pulling in one direction then that’s another key sign of possible bearing failure. 

How do you check and repack wheel bearings?

Firstly the mechanic will remove the wheels from the bearings they want to check. Then the hub is removed to allow access to the bearings. They will then remove the bearings and any grime, dirt or grease and clean the bearings and mounting surface. The bearings will be regreased and pressed into the shells. They will be reinstalled and the hubs refitted. The wheels will be refitted and the car is ready to go.

How much does checking and repacking wheel bearings cost?

For all four corners it may set you back in the region of $350 - $500. It depends on the difficulty of the replacements.

How often do I need to check and repack my wheel bearings?

Generally, whenever the mechanic thinks it is appropriate. Usually around 80,000km’s or so.

Is a broken wheel bearing unsafe?

It is, a check and repack can prevent this, so if you need one then head to your local mechanic and get it checked as soon as required.

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