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Engine Mount Replacement

Engine mounts are not only what connect your engine to the car but also what stops the engine rattling the whole car to bits while it’s running. Good engine mounts mean you can sit at the stop lights without noticing that the engine is running. Bad engine mounts can ruin your comfort and ride.

What are engine mounts?

Engine mounts are bolted to the engine from the cross member or chassis rails. They often include a dampening material to reduce vibrations through the car. Sometimes this is rubbery liquid, softer rubber mount, and other times a harder polyurethane bushing.

Engine mounts are required to keep the motor and its attachments from being damaged due to excessive vibrations.

Why do you need engine mounts?

If your engine mounts are faulty then that can lead to serious damage to your engine. The vibrations can damage your transmission, alternator, a/c and any other connected accessories.

Not to mention you’ll be stuck in an uncomfortable car, rattling and vibrating every day. In stop - start traffic it’ll drive you crazy. 

How to tell if you need new engine mounts?

Obviously, based on what we’ve said earlier, if your car is shaking and vibrating excessively then you need to replace your engine mounts. If they are severely damaged in your automatic vehicle, you may notice that the car shudders or ‘slams’ into gears when changing gears. 

How are motor mounts changed?

Luckily this is a job that isn’t too tricky. The mechanic will hoist the vehicle up in the air and support the engine from underneath. Once the engine is supported the engine mounts can be unbolted and removed. The new bushes will be installed and the motor bolted to the mounts. The support will be removed and the car will be lowered back to the ground and returned to the customer.

How much does installing new motor mounts cost?

It’s not too complicated to do, depending on the ability to access the engine to support it, expect prices to start around $175 and can go higher than $850 depending on how many need replacing. 

Are broken motor mounts unsafe?

They can be if they affect handling and stability. Motor mounts can also lead to a failed WoF so save yourself the trouble and expense and get a mechanic near you to fix them as soon as possible.

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