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Front Cover Oil Leak Repair

Your engine has a lot of gaskets to seal it against the elements. The reason why it has so many, is that it wants to keep all the important stuff inside the engine, and everything outside the engine, out. Your front cover on your engine, surprisingly covers the front part of your engine. If there is a leak then it’s most likely that the front cover gasket has failed somewhere and will need replacing. 

What is a front cover gasket?

Your front cover is a plastic or metal covering that protects the camshaft, timing chain  and sometimes water pump. In order to protect them, it needs an airtight seal and this is where your gaskets come in. Your gaskets are constructed out of a variety of materials. They range from cork to steel to silicone. They all serve the same purpose though, they are compressed when the front cover is bolted to the engine. The compression fills any possible gaps and creates an airtight seal. 

Why do you need a front cover repair?

You want your oil to stay inside your engine to do its job. The only thing you want from outside the engine is air, anything else can damage it. The front cover gasket makes sure that this is the case. Leaking oil can lead to fumes, staining and engine damage, your gaskets are critical to your engine’s performance.

How to tell if you need a new front cover gasket

If you notice any oil leaking down the front of the engine and onto the floor, that’s a sign that the gasket needs replacing. If you are noticing that there’s a small amount of fumes or smoke, that can mean that the leaking oil is burning off. In any of these cases you’ll want it checked out. 

What’s involved in getting a front cover gasket repair?

It’s a big job because there’s a bunch of stuff that needs to come off to access the front cover. The standard fluids will be drained and the radiator, water pump, power steering pump and any other belts will be disconnected. The front cover will then be unbolted and removed. The gasket surface will be scraped clean as well as the front cover surface. The new gasket will be fitted and the front cover rebolted. The other components will be refitted and the oil and coolant refilled. The car will be run and checked over before returning it to the customer.

How much does a front cover gasket replacement cost?

It’s a very labour intensive job, prices can be as low as $600 but expect it to be well over $1000 for a modern car. 

How often do I need a front cover gasket replaced?

Not often at all. Typically the front cover gaskets are steel and shouldn’t fail under 200,000km 

Is a broken front cover gasket unsafe?

If it causes you to lose oil or start a fire then it can be. It’s something that shouldn't really be ignored. Get a professional to do the job properly and you won’t have to do it again.

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