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Fuel Gauge Sender Replacement

As you drive around town, your car uses petrol. Over time this petrol starts to run out, rather than play guesswork your fuel gauge sender unit tells you how much you’ve got left. This lets you know via your fuel gauge, when it’s time to top your car off.

What is a fuel gauge sender?

It sits inside your fuel tank and floats in the fuel. As the level decreases this lowers the float, which translates this to a signal to the fuel gauge. In most cars there’s a an-anti surge mechanism to stop your gauge going wild when you brake, accelerate hard, or turn a corner.

Why do you need a fuel gauge sender?

It helps you to know when you need more gas. This means you won’t get caught out on the side of the road and will be able to refill as required. It’s a matter of practicality and convenience.

How to tell if you need a new fuel gauge sender

If your gauge doesn’t move from empty at all, even though the tank is full then it means the sender has failed. If you start to notice it stuck at a certain point then there may be a problem with the float. 

What’s involved in getting a fuel gauge sender replaced?

The mechanic will have to remove interior trim to locate the access hole for the tank. They will then remove the lid and disconnect the sender unit from its mounting. They will then drop the new sender unit in and connect it to its mount before connecting all wires. They will make sure the system is working as it should and the car will be good to go.

How much does a fuel gauge sender cost?

They don’t need to be replaced often, but they are quite a complicated and expensive part. Prices generally start around $350 and can go over $650.

How often do I need a fuel gauge sender replaced?

Most cars will never need them replaced. They will only be replaced if something contaminates the fuel tank.

Is a broken fuel gauge sender unsafe?

It isn’t unsafe, but unless you’re really good at maths and can figure out gas mileage vs litres remaining, you need to know how much fuel you have left.

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