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Fuel Hose Replacement

In order to get your fuel from your gas tank to your engine, it travels through a dedicated fuel hose. These hoses are a special make up and are designed to withstand the toxic nature of petrol or diesel. Over time, due to heat, wear and tear, or age, these hoses break down slowly. 

What is a fuel hose?

Typically, these are rubber hoses that have a protective layer inside the hose that guards against the petrol or diesel. They have a wiring through them to help them hold their shape. They are connected to hard lines or fittings with a hose clamp or other clip. Due to their composition and materials, they do perish over time.  

Why do you need a fuel hose?

Your fuel hose is what gets fuel from the tank to the engine. It also makes sure that all the fuel is contained and not leaking anywhere. The fuel hoses in your car are critical to your engine running, as well as your safety.

How to tell if you need a new fuel hose

If you can see an obvious leak coming from the hose, then it’ll need addressing as soon as possible. If there are any obvious cracks, tears or wear on the hoses, then it’s time to replace them. If you notice your engine idle stumbling, this can mean air is getting into the fuel system.

What’s involved in getting a fuel hose replaced?

The mechanic will hoist the car up and locate the faulty hose. They will then disconnect the hose and catch any leaks or spillage. The new hose will be fitted in its place and the fuel system will be primed to check for any leaks before returning the car to the customer.

How much does a fuel hose replacement cost?

It depends on the size, length and difficulty to replace the hose. It can be as cheap as $75 and over $400 if hardlines and fittings are involved.

How often do I need a fuel hose replaced?

Most fuel hoses will last over 150,000km with no issues. With most modern cars using more and more hardlines, it’s getting rarer that fuel hoses will be used. If you are replacing a fuel hose due to it perishing in its old age, it’s best to replace all the hoses at the same time.

Is a broken fuel hose unsafe?

If it leaks fuel everywhere and lights your car on fire, it can be. Petrol is not something to play around with, if you need a hose replaced, get it replaced as soon as possible.

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