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Fuel Injector Replacement

In order to get the right amount of fuel into your engine, your engine computer uses fuel injectors. These injectors are used to spray the exact right amount of fuel into the combustion chamber. They give the engine way more ability to be economical and efficient than old carburettors did.

What is a fuel injector?

A fuel injector is a small metal nozzle that is inserted into the cylinder head. It is connected to the pressurised fuel rail and on command, opens a valve at its end to spray fuel into the head.

Because an electric signal is used to control when, for how long and how much fuel is pumped into the engine, it is extremely efficient. 

Why do you need a fuel injector?

Without it, the engine can’t work - simple as that. If it is malfunctioning, then your engine can run poorly or not at all. If it is blocked then you may starve the engine for fuel and run very lean. If the valve is damaged then you may run very rich and waste a lot of fuel. 

The fuel injector is a precise piece of equipment and is integral in a very precise process. 

How to tell if you need a new fuel injector

If your engine light is telling you that you have a misfire, or the misfire is audible, then you may need a new injector in one of your cylinders. If you’re down on power and fuel economy then these are also signs. In some cases if your car is burning a lot of fuel then you can smell it clearly.

How is a fuel injector replaced?

The engine coverings need to be removed and in some cases the ignition coil will also need to be removed. The fuel line will need to be disconnected from the fuel rail or just the affected injector. The injector can then be replaced with a new one and the fuel system all reconnected. Once everything is reinstalled, the engine will be started and checked.

How much does a fuel injector replacement cost?

Fuel injectors are a pricey part for a small component. Typically the prices for a single replacement start at around $250, but can get up over $1100+ if there are multiple replacements required and it is difficult to access them. 

How often do I need fuel injectors replaced?

Most of the time fuel injectors won’t fail under 100,000km but anytime your car develops a misfire it’s worth looking into.

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