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Fuel Pump Replacement

In order to get fuel from your fuel tank to your engine, your car uses a fuel pump. The fuel pump is either mechanical - run off the engine or electric - run off electricity. Some fuel pumps are located inside or very close to the tank. Others are located in the engine bay or attached to the engine itself. Without the fuel pump, your car won’t work. 

What is a fuel pump?

It either sucks or blows. If the pump is in the tank it is ‘blowing’ the fuel to the engine. If it’s found in the engine it ‘sucks’ the fuel from the tank. It sends the fuel through the fuel lines to the fuel rails. It’s usually sealed inside a cylinder with an inlet and outlet hose. The pressure that the pump generates is very important to how the engine runs. This pressure is built when you start the car, the pump ‘primes’ the fuel lines and gives the engine all the fuel it needs. 

Why do you need a fuel pump?

If your fuel pump is playing up and struggling to get the required amount of fuel, it can cause your engine to run poorly or not at all. The big three of an engine's running is ‘fuel, air and spark’. Without fuel the engine cannot work and your engine working is something you want happening.

How to tell if you need a new fuel pump

If the car won’t start in the morning then it may be the fuel pump. Usually, if you turn the key to ignition, you can hear the pump prime. If this isn’t happening then that’s a good sign that the pump is failing. If your car runs rough and struggles to accelerate, the pump may be intermittently failing and need replacing. 

What’s involved in getting a fuel pump replaced?

The mechanic will disconnect the fuel lines from the pump and will find the access to the fuel tank. They will then lift the pump out and disconnect the connectors and wiring. The new pump will be replaced in its place and the connectors hooked up to the new pump. The fuel lines will be reconnected and the system pressure tested to make sure there’s no leaks. The car will then be tested and returned to the customer.

How much does a fuel pump cost?

Fuel pumps vary on their type, use and difficulty to replace. Prices start around $450 and can go above $1200

How often do I need a fuel pump replaced?

It’s rare that they fail. Over a long period of time they may wear out but it isn’t a common failure. 

Is a broken fuel pump unsafe?

If the fuel pump is broken or leaking fuel then it can lead to a fire or an explosion like in the movies. More often than not, it just results in your car struggling to run or not running at all.

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