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Horn Replacement

Your horn is your best friend when you want to alert someone to the error of their ways. If it is broken you’ll need to replace it, not just for the safety of other road users but also because it’s required for a warrant of fitness. 

What is a horn? 

It uses a flexible plate to move air as it is attracted to an electromagnet, caused by you pressing the horn. It then moves back to its original position and cycles for as long as you have the horn pressed. It’s a pretty neat idea and modern horns are a small and compact design that packs a serious punch.

Why do you need a horn?

It’s a legal requirement and it’s also good for safety too. You can alert other road users to danger and protect yourself and others. It’s also a good way of airing frustrations with other road users.

How to tell if you need a new horn

If you press the horn and nothing happens, that’s a good sign that you might need someone to look at it. If it emits a weak sound then there may be an internal problem with the horn. If it won’t turn off, then it’s usually a sign that there’s something wrong with the wiring. 

What’s involved in getting a horn replaced?

The mechanic will open the bonnet and locate the horn. Once the horn is located, they will unclip the connectors and unbolt or unclip the horn from its mounting position. They will then fit the new horn and connect the wiring. The system will be tested and will be good to go in no time.

How much does a horn replacement cost?

They’re not too pricey, some horn replacements can be done for less than $100 but they’re usually in the range of $200+

How often do I need a horn replaced?

Only when it breaks. Most horns will last the lifetime of the vehicle. 

Is a broken horn unsafe?

It is. You want to be able to alert other motorists to danger and their failings. So if there’s a problem with your horn, don’t fail a WoF, get it fixed.

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