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Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement

The mass airflow sensor checks the amount of airflow that’s coming into the engine. It then sends this information to the ECU which will use this info to adjust the fuel mixture that is injected via the fuel injectors. 

What is a mass airflow sensor (MAF)?

It is usually fitted in the air intake after the filter and before the intake plenum. The MAF has a heated element that is cooled by the air flowing over the element. The amount of cooling that occurs is what gives the ECU the info it needs. More cooling means more air is flowing, less cooling means less air is flowing. It is the heating element that usually leads to a MAF failing as it wears out over its lifespan.

Why do you need a mass air flow sensor?

In order for your car to run as efficiently as possible and have the right air/fuel mixture, your MAF needs to work properly. Without it working properly, your car will run poorly, get bad gas mileage and stumble when idling. As these are things you want to avoid, get it replaced when needs be.

How to tell if you need a new mass airflow sensor?

If your car starts; idling poorly at the lights, running low on power, gas mileage seriously reduced, or you get a check engine light, you may need a new MAF. A lot of the time a mechanic can use a diagnostic tool to figure out which sensor needs replacing and take the guesswork out.  

How is a mass airflow sensor replaced?

The bonnet will be opened and the intake located. Once the intake is located, the mechanic will disconnect the sensor and check the terminals on the electric connector. The new mass airflow sensor will be connected and plugged into the connector. The engine will be run and the fault code removed. 

How much does a mass airflow sensor cost?

It’s a small and easy part to replace so prices can be as low as $35 and rarely go over $400 for twin sensor, performance vehicles.

How often do I need a mass airflow sensor replaced? 

Some sensors last over 40,000km but usually they need replacing every 20-30,000km or just when they wear out. They are a cheap and easy thing to replace so you should replace them as required.

Is a broken mass airflow sensor unsafe?

No, but it’s a cheap and easy part that provides a lot of benefits. When you need a new one, get a new one.

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