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PCV Valve Replacement

Your PCV valve sounds like a very complicated thing. In reality it just lets some pressure out of the engine. This pressure is built up due to the engine's rotations and heat, the PCV valve is responsible for venting this pressure into the intake. 

What is a PCV valve?

A PCV valve is a one-way valve that connects to the vacuum created by the intake manifold. This makes sure that the pressure can only exit the engine and not flow back. The valve remains closed when the engine isn’t running and when it is running it sends the air into the intake. This makes sure that the oil fumes and other nasty substances are burnt up by the engine and sent out the exhaust.

Why do you need a PCV valve?

A PCV valve gets rid of oily chemical fumes in a safe and controlled way. If the PCV valve starts to fail it can lead to clogs and gunk building up inside your engine. This can lead to other troubles down the road.

How to tell if you need a new PCV valve

The difficult thing about a PCV valve is that it’s really hard to diagnose. If you notice that your exhaust smoke is black or blue that can mean the PCV valve has failed. If there are oil leaks around high pressure areas or a noticeable increase in oil consumption, this could also be the PCV valve. Normally if you can locate the PCV valve, you can rattle it and hear the valve shaking inside the chamber. If not then the valve may be jammed.

What’s involved in getting a PCV valve replaced?

The mechanic will locate the PCV valve and disconnect the vacuum line from the intake manifold. They will then unbolt the valve and inspect the lines. Some cleaning agents may be used to clean passageways. The new PCV valve will be fitted and connected to the intake. The engine will be run and any engine codes cleared. 

How much does a PCV valve replacement cost?

The prices for a replacement generally start at around $240 and can go above $450 depending on the labor costs.

How often do I need a PCV valve replaced?

Generally not at all. A PCV valve only fails if something contaminates it. It isn’t something that is regularly serviced.

Is a broken PCV valve unsafe?

It can lead to other problems with your engine. So while not dangerous to driving, it can be dangerous for your wallet. Get it replaced if needs be.

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