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Power Steering Fluid Replacement

Your power steering pump means you don’t need arms like a gorilla to turn your car at low speeds. The power steering pump needs something to pump around to do its job. This is where power steering fluid comes in. 

What is power steering fluid?

It’s a neat fluid that is capable of handling high temperatures and pressures. Often automatic transmission fluid is used. Some modern systems use a dedicated synthetic fluid but they all accomplish the same thing. The pump uses the fluid to help push the steering rack in the desired direction. If there’s any problems with the fluid then this can lead to difficulties with the system as a whole.

Why do you need power steering fluid? 

Without it, your power steering pump and rack can get damaged, not to mention it being super hard to turn the steering wheel. If there’s a problem with the fluid then it’s best to get it replaced and the system flushed.

How to tell if you need new power steering fluid

If the power steering fluid is dirty or discoloured then that’s a surefire way to tell. If it’s hard to turn the steering wheel or steering is ‘heavy’ and then ‘light’ this is a key indicator that something is playing up with the fluid. 

How is power steering fluid replaced?

The mechanic will usually disconnect the bottom hose and uncap the reservoir to drain the fluid. They will then flush and clean the system by refilling it with new fluid. Once the system is clean and the fluid is clear, the hose will be reconnected and the system bled of air. The pump will then be tested and the car returned to the customer.

How much does power steering fluid cost?

It’s not an expensive fluid, but it takes a little time to flush it and refit everything. Expect prices to start at around $80 to $275.

How often do I need power steering fluid replaced?

Best practice is to have your mechanic replace and flush the system as they see fit. This usually happens during a service every 50,000 to 75,000km.

Is a broken power steering system unsafe?

Anything that affects your ability to turn the steering wheel is something that should be fixed as soon as possible. 

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