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Power Steering Pressure Hose Replacement

In order to move the steering gear along the rack, your power steering pump has to send the fluid to the gear from the reservoir. The pressure hose is what carries the fluid between the two, and can withstand the high pressure. 

What is a power steering pressure hose?

It is a braided steel or braided synthetic rubber line with fittings on each end to connect the two components. Due to the heat and pressure, the hose requires the high strength braid to keep its shape and not break down.

Why do you need a power steering hose?

The power steering hose is what carries the fluid to allow the system to do its job. If it leaks or fails then it can prevent the power steering from working how it should. This can affect steering and seeing how crucial that is, it’s not something that you want to go wrong. 

How to tell if you need a new power steering pressure hose

If the hose is leaking while the engine is running then that’s pretty clear. If you notice a puddle of red fluid under your car and trace it back to the hose or the hose’s fittings then that can mean you need a new hose as well. You may also notice the strength of the steering increasing or decreasing which can mean the hose is letting air into the system.

What’s involved in getting a power steering pressure hose replaced?

The mechanic will drain the system of the power steering fluid and disconnect the fittings on both ends of the hose. The new hose will be fitted and checked. The reservoir will be refilled and the system will be bled of all air. 

How much does a power steering pressure hose cost?

The hose itself will be pretty inexpensive but the main cost comes from the labour involved in sorting out the system. As such, cheaper jobs will come in around $185 but more expensive or multiple hose replacements can go above $550.

How often do I need a power steering pressure hose replaced?

Due to the heat and pressure, these hoses are known to fail. They are a strong hose and shouldn’t fail under 125,000km. 

Is a broken power steering pressure hose unsafe?

It can be if it makes it difficult to steer and control your car. Basically, if it needs replacing then get it replaced.

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