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Power Steering Pump Replacement

Your power steering is your best friend when driving around town. The power steering pump is what generates the fluid pressure that assists your steering inputs. The pump is run off a belt from the drive pulley and due to the constant usage, they are known to suffer from faults. 

What is a power steering pump?

The power steering pump works much the same as any other pump. The drive pulley spins the rotor shaft inside the pump. This creates a vacuum that pulls power steering fluid from the reservoir and forces it through a smaller diameter hose. This high pressure fluid is then sent through the system and back to the reservoir. The pump will always run when the engine is running and if any contaminants get into the system it can lead to damage.

Why do you need a power steering pump?

Your power steering pump is what powers the power steering system. This makes it nice and easy to turn the wheel and do all sorts of turning maneuvers at slower speeds. It’s an important part of your ability to steer the car and that makes it fairly important overall. 

How to tell if you need a new power steering pump

If you notice a whining that gets louder the more the car accelerates, that’s usually a good indication that something is wrong with the pump. If your steering is heavy when turning at slow speeds that also implies the pump is failing. If any of the seals fail and fluid is leaking out, that also implies that there’s something wrong with the pump.

What’s involved in getting a power steering pump replaced?

The mechanic will drain the power steering fluid from the system and remove coverings in the way of the pump itself. They will then get the tension out of the drive belt and take the belt off the pump. The pump will then be disconnected from the feed lines, return lines and any wiring or connectors. The pump can then be disconnected from its mounts and the new power steering pump fitted in its place. The hoses, wiring and belts will be reconnected and the power steering fluid refilled. The system will be test run to make sure everything is working properly.

How much does a power steering pump cost?

It depends on the replacement unit, typically prices range from $450 to over $1000 for some modern units.

How often do I need a power steering pump replaced?

It’s rare that the pump itself needs replacing. Generally it’s the power steering fluid that needs to be replaced.

Is a broken power steering pump unsafe?

If it breaks while you’re driving it can be very dangerous. Most of the time, it just deteriorates over time and you can spot it and get it fixed when issues start popping up.

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