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Suspension Spring Replacement

Your springs are what cushion your ride as you drive. The shock absorbers control the bumps and bounces and the springs are what allow the suspension to travel up and down smoothly. There are a variety of spring types but the two most common are coil springs and leaf springs. If the spring starts to sag or is damaged then it will need replacing. 

What is a suspension spring?

The springs themselves are made out of steel and are shaped to fit each specific application. Coil springs are coils and leaf springs are long slats that are stacked on top of each other for extra stiffness. Most modern cars have coils the whole way round but some utes and SUV’s have leaf springs in the rear. 

Why do you need suspension springs?

They are what allows the car to lean in corners and move up and down along the road. This makes sure that your tyres are always in contact with the road and you don’t lose grip. They also keep you comfortable as you drive and stop your car getting damaged from bumps and turns.

How to tell if you need a new spring

If you notice one side of the car is sitting noticeably lower than the other, one of the springs may have sagged. Chattering or clunking sounds as you go over bumps is another indication that a spring may be failing. If you notice uneven weight distribution as you turn then the spring or shock may need replacing.

What’s involved in getting a suspension spring replaced?

The mechanic will unbolt the wheels on the affected side and hoist the car up. They will then compress the spring and disconnect it from the mounts. The new spring is fitted and uncompressed to sit against the top and bottom bushes on the mounts. The wheel is refitted and the car will need to be aligned as the suspension has been changed. The car will be test driven afterwards and bounce checked. 

How much does a spring replacement cost?

It depends on the type of spring and the difficulty to replace it. Some can be as cheap as $300 but many can easily go over $800 depending on the type of car. 

How often do I need a spring replaced?

Not that often. Shock absorbers will need replacing far more often than spring will. 

Is a broken suspension spring unsafe?

It is extremely unsafe. It can prevent the car from handling corners as it should and can potentially lead to an accident. If a spring needs replacing then it should be replaced as soon as possible.

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