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Tie Rod End Replacement

When you turn your steering wheel, you like to think your car will go in that direction. The tie rod is a valuable component in making that happen.

When you turn the wheel one tie rod pulls the wheel towards it and the other tie rod pushes the other wheel away from it. This is what turns your car.

It is important that these are fitted correctly and doing their job to keep you safe on the road.

What is a tie rod end?

It is the end of the rod that connects the steering rack to the steering knuckle.

It is a rod which shapes up, fitting to a ball joint that is covered by a rubber bush. It has bearings inside it to help with turning and rotation no matter how rough the road is. The rubber bush keeps the bearings safe from dirt and moisture and keep your car driving straight.

However, as this is an exposed and well used part of your car, they are prone to wearing out and requiring replacement.

Why do you need a tie rod end replacement?

If the tie rod is not performing the way it should, it can damage your tires and in some cases it can cause accidents.

As it’s a valuable part of your cars steering, you don’t want it to fail.

What symptoms mean you need a tie rod end replacement?

  • The car starts pulling toward one direction during driving
  • There is a noticeable vibration through the steering wheel
  • Tires are worn particularly on one side
  • Turning the car feels vague
  • Squealing or clunking noise when the car is turning
  • The car does not drive straight

How is a tie rod end replacement done?

The tie rod is one of those things that’s easy to take off and hard to put back on.

The reason you want to leave this to a professional mechanic is the variety of retainers, pins and all bolts torqued to precise specs. Making your car turn and drive straight is not something you want to get wrong.

The process that a mechanic will follow to replace your tie rod end is:

  • Loosen wheel lug nuts and hoist the car to a workable height
  • Remove the wheel/’s on the side/’s that need replacing
  • They will locate the tie rod and examine the surrounding components
  • Slide the rubber boot away to access the tie rod end and disconnect it
  • Fit the new tie rod end and reconnect it to the steering knuckle
  • Ensure all torque specs are correct and boot is fitted properly
  • Refit the wheel and lower the vehicle back down
  • Align the front wheel
  • Test drive the car to confirm everything is working as it should

How much does a tie rod end replacement cost?

The cost of replacing a tie rod end is between $85 and $250 depending on the cost of parts and labour

How often do I need a tie rod end replacement?

The tie rod should be replaced as soon as it starts failing. Best to ask your mechanic if you have any doubts or any of the symptoms start popping up. 

Is a broken tie rod unsafe?

Extremely unsafe, a failing tie rod will damage your tires but a broken tie rod can cause a loss of steering and possibly an accident.


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