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Wastegate Hose Replacement

The widespread usage of forced induction has introduced a lot of parts to engines not seen on natural aspiration. Wastegates are unique to forced induction, to stop you turbo overwhelming your engine with pressure, carmakers use a wastegate. The wastegate hose is what carries the excessive air away from the intake hose.

What is a wastegate hose?

A wastegate hose is a synthetic rubber hose that is able to withstand high heats and pressures. As the pressure builds past what the engine can handle, the wastegate butterfly progressively opens to maintain the correct pressure in the intake manifold. The wastegate hose will take the air and dispose of it through a blowoff valve or exhaust tubing.

Why do you need a wastegate hose?

Your wastegate hose keeps the engine running as it should. By controlling the air pressure, it can stop the engine from being overboosted or damaged. If the wastegate hose cracks or splits, it can lead to no or very little boost being sent to the engine. 

How to tell if you need a new wastegate hose

If the hose is obviously split or cracked then it will need immediate replacement. If you get a check engine light or poor performance, then the wastegate or hose might have failed. 

What’s involved in getting a wastegate hose replaced?

The mechanic will open the bonnet to access the exhaust manifold. They will then disconnect the hose from the turbocharger and replace it with a new one. They will then pressure test the system and make sure that the fittings are working as they should.

How much does a wastegate hose cost?

The hoses themselves aren’t that expensive, and a replacement will usually sit around $100 to $450. Some can get more expensive depending on the difficulty of access.

How often do I need a wastegate hose replaced?

They shouldn’t fail under 125,000km. The material they’re made out of is generally pretty strong.

Is a broken wastegate hose unsafe?

It can be to your engine but more of a hassle than a safety thing. If it breaks then you’ll want to get it replaced.

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