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AC Condenser Replacement

During summer keeping your car cool is one of your chief concerns. Your air con is responsible for your comfort and your air conditioning condenser is responsible for the precious cool air that air con gives you. In order to keep that cold air coming steadily and at the right temperature, you need your condenser working in perfect condition.   

What is an Air Conditioner Condenser?

The Air Con Condenser is just like a small radiator, similar to the one in the engine bay of your vehicle. It cools refrigerant gas that has come from the air con compressor and converts it into a liquid. It does this much like how steam cools to make water, it’s the resulting refrigerant liquid that is used to produce cool air for your enjoyment on hot days. 

Why do you need an Air Conditioner Condenser?

A broken condenser will not stop air from being pumped into the cabin, but it will stop the air from being cooled. This means that you won’t get cool air when the ac is turned on. The main purpose of your ac is to keep you cool, if it doesn’t then the condenser will most likely be to blame.

What happens during an Air Conditioner Condenser Replacement?

The Air Con Condenser is generally found behind the front bumper (in front of the radiator within the engine bay) and in many cases, this will need to be removed to provide access for repair or replacement. Once located, the mechanic will inspect the system and complete a pressure check. Assuming the condenser requires replacement they will remove any gas in the system, replace the condenser, then re-gas the system to ensure it works properly.

How much does an Air Conditioner Condenser Replacement cost?

Given the location of the Air Con Condenser, replacement usually takes place after a vehicle has been involved in an accident. However, it's not uncommon for general wear and tear or damage from road debris to puncture the condenser. If there’s a condenser leak then it will require replacing as well as your air con gas. 

The cost to fix the condenser varies by make and model, as does the location of the condenser, and therefore the probability of its getting damaged. We estimate the cost to be from $730 to $1,100+.  

Is driving with a broken Air Conditioner Condenser unsafe?

As the Air Con Condenser has only one job (keeping the air in your car cold) it's not critical to the safety functions of your car. It is, however, critical to your comfort, especially in summer!

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