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Brake Booster Replacement

Your brake booster is what makes it easier to press the pedal in and slow the car down. You’d be surprised how hard it is to physically brake your car without a booster. It makes driving a whole lot easier and it’s something that you won’t truly appreciate till it’s gone.

What is a brake booster? 

It works via a vacuum to multiply the force that you can put into the pedal. You push the pedal and the pistons inside the master cylinder and the brake fluid is pressurised. The booster sucks air in, thanks to the vacuum, which helps force the piston pushing the fluid to the brakes. It’s directly connected to the brake pedal and the master cylinder.

Why do you need a brake booster?

Without it, it would be both uncomfortable and difficult to stop your car. The booster takes all the leg work out of braking and in stop and start traffic, it’s a real help. You also don’t want it to play up intermittently - anything to do with braking is something that needs to be in perfect condition.

How to tell if you need a new brake booster

There’s an easy check. If you pump your brake pedal until it can’t be pushed anymore and then turn your car on. The pedal should shift down a little as the booster adds some power. If it doesn’t then this is a surefire way to tell that you’ll need some repairs. Another obvious way to tell is if your braking becomes harder and harder to do. This means the booster is starting to fail and may need to be replaced.

How is a brake booster replaced

Firstly the mechanic will locate the booster assembly on the firewall and remove any coverings to gain access to it. They will then disconnect the brake lines, vacuum lines and master cylinder from the booster. The booster will then be unbolted from the firewall and brake cable and removed. The new booster will be fitted and the brake cable will be reconnected as well as the master, brake lines and vacuum lines. The system will be bled, tested and test driven before being returned to the customer.

How much does a new brake booster cost?

The labor and parts are what makes this an expensive job. Expect prices to start at around $600 but more often than not they go above $1100+

How often do I need a brake booster replaced?

You shouldn’t need to replace it unless it breaks. It’s not generally expected to fail below 250,000km.

Is a broken brake booster unsafe?

Not really but it can make stopping difficult and that can lead to accidents. You don’t want your brakin impacted while you’re driving so if there’s a problem with your brake booster then you should fix it as soon as possible.

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