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Brake Hose Replacement

Your brake hose is what connects your hardlines to your brake caliper. They’re softer and more able to move so that they won’t leak or get damaged as your car goes over bumps or turns corners. They are essential to your braking performance and any leaks or damage should be fixed as soon as possible.

What is a brake hose?

Typically made out of synthetic rubber or braided steel lines, they generally have some excess length than what is required. This is so that as the wheel hub travels up and down over bumps or turns when the car turns a corner, they don’t become disconnected or damaged. These are connected to the caliper and the other end is fitted to the hardline. They make sure that the braking force applied from the pedal gets to the caliper, no matter what the wheels are doing. 

Why do you need a brake hose?

If it were damaged, it could lead to leaks and reduced braking ability on that wheel. This can also lead to air getting into the braking system and affecting the overall braking performance. These hoses need to be air tight and doing their job properly to keep you safe on the road and prevent accidents. 

How to tell if you need a new brake hose

The most obvious signs are that the hose is cracked and brake fluid is leaking out. Other key indicators are that your brake pedal is spongy, the car pulls in one direction when braking, or your stopping distance is increased.

How is a brake hose replaced?

The mechanic will start by loosening the wheels and hoisting the car in the air. The wheels will be taken off and the old hose unclipped from the caliper first with a collector bucket underneath to catch stray fluid. The other end of the line will then be disconnected and the new brake hose will be connected in its place. The braking system will then be bled for any air that got into the lines while they were exposed to the conditions. The car will then be test driven and given the ok to get back on the road.

How much does a new brake hose cost?

The hoses themselves are often not too expensive, but it will depend on the car's make and model as to availability of replacement parts. Expect prices to be in the range of $85 to $400. 

How often do I need a brake hose replaced?

Only when they fail. Usually you’ll get over 100,000km without having to worry about it. This is dependent on the type and amount of usage that your vehicle gets.

Is a broken brake hose unsafe?

It can be. If it affects your braking seriously then it’s something that will need addressing as soon as possible. It’s not a good idea to ignore a problem with your braking system. 

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