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Brake Light Bulb Replacement

When you see something that requires you to slow down or to stop, it’s always good to let other drivers know you’re stopping. 

When you press the brake pedal and your brakes start to slow you down, your brake lights turn on to indicate that you’re slowing down. As you do a lot of stopping and starting, these lights get a real workout. As a result brake lights stop working and need replacing quite frequently. 

It is also a part of New Zealand law that your ‘stop lamp’ emits a light when under braking. Therefore, to adhere to the NZ road rules and protect your car as well as other motorists, you should ensure that your brake lights are in perfect working condition.

What is a brake light bulb?

A brake light bulb is typically a 12V bright white bulb that illuminates through a red lens. It’s fitted to a socket providing it power when the circuit is completed by you touching the brake pedal. It is a fairly simple light with a very important job. 

When illuminated, it gives off a very strong, bright light that will draw other motorists attention even in the middle of the day. This is great for safety but as a result it gives off a lot of heat. If you were to touch a bulb while it was on, you’d get burnt. This can lead to the filament burning out over time.

Why do you need a brake light bulb? 

Your brake light tells everyone else that you’re slowing down or stopping. If other motorists don’t know you’re slowing down then it could lead to crashes. 

Clearly it has an important job and the government thinks so too! Brake light bulbs must be in perfect working condition by law. If they aren’t, you can be fined. 

So not only do you need a brake light bulb to protect your car, you also need them to protect your wallet and demerits. 

What symptoms mean you need to replace a brake light? 

  • A light comes on the dashboard indicating that the bulb needs replacing
  • The brake light does not come on when braking
  • Your cruise control will not set
  • The brake light is flickering or dimmer than the others

How to replace a brake light

  • The brake light assembly is removed, usually done by disconnecting it via the inside of the boot
  • The faulty bulb is removed from the socket, the terminals are also checked to make sure contact is clean
  • The new bulb is fitted and brake lights tested
  • The assembly is reconnected to the inside of the boot 

How much does a brake light bulb replacement cost? 

It’s an important job, but not a difficult one. 

Expect the prices for a brake light bulb replacement to start at around $5 and can go over $50 depending on how many bulbs need replacing and if the assembly requires work. 

How often do I need a new brake light bulb? 

Not until the old one fails. They operate at high temperatures and they operate extremely frequently so they are replaced often. 

Is a broken brake light bulb unsafe? 

It is indeed. It’s very unsafe for both you and other road users. 

It’s important that everyone else knows when you’re stopping to protect them and you. And don’t forget that you can be pulled over and fined for a faulty brake light. 

It’s a part of your car that should be replaced as soon as it’s needed

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