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Brake Master Cylinder Replacement

Your brake master cylinder is what makes your car stop when you press the brake pedal. When you press the brake pedal, this puts pressure through the master cylinder which then distributes this pressure to the brakes on the 4 different corners of the car. It’s completely essential to your brakes working as they should so it should be in perfect working condition at all times.

What is a brake master cylinder?

It’s typically either metal or plastic. It’s mounted to the firewall and has the booster connected to it to help with the strength of the braking input. There are usually two pistons that are inside it that are pushed forward when braking to force fluid into the lines. This is what creates your braking ability. If there are any leaks or issues with the master cylinder then you’ll need to get it replaced as soon as possible. 

Why do you need a brake master cylinder?

If your master cylinder starts to fail, this can impact your car’s ability to stop. When you press the brakes, you want the car to slow down. If there’s a problem with the master cylinder then there’s a chance that this won’t happen. You need your master cylinder working perfectly to keep you and everyone else, safe on the roads.

How to tell if you need a new brake master cylinder

If your brake pedal is very soft and easy to depress, then you may have a problem with the master cylinder. Otherwise, if you have the brakes fully depressed and your car keeps creeping forward then your master cylinder will need to be replaced. If your brakes are touchy or there’s an obvious fluid leak, then you may need to have the booster and master cylinder looked at.

How is a brake master cylinder replaced?

The mechanic will remove any coverings between them and the master cylinder. They will then disconnect the booster and hard lines from the master cylinder. They will then disconnect the brake line from the cabin and remove the old master cylinder. The new master cylinder will be fitted in its place and the reservoir will be topped up as well as fitting all lines and components. The braking system will then be bled and topped up as required. The car will then be extensively tested to make sure the brakes are in tip top shape and ready for you to use.

How much does a brake master cylinder cost?

They shouldn’t break, but if they do, they’re generally in the $650 to $1200 range. Due to the nature of the part as well as the labor time to fit and bleed the system.

How often do I need a brake master cylinder replaced

Only if it breaks. It’s not a common issue so you shouldn’t expect to have to do it in your ownership of your car.

Is a broken brake master cylinder unsafe?

It is indeed. Anything that impacts your ability to stop is something that needs to be in perfect working order. Make sure you get a professional mechanic to do this job, it’s something that needs to be perfect.

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