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Brake Shoe Replacement

Most modern cars use disc brakes on all four corners. However, older cars and even some modern ones, use drum brakes. Inside drum brakes are shoes. These shoes press against the spinning drum and slow you down via friction. They were most commonly used on the rear wheels as they don’t require as much braking force. 

What is a brake shoe? 

A brake shoe is a crescent shaped pad that fits inside your brake drum. There are two of them on opposite sides of the drum. Pistons push the shoes into the drum when you apply pressure to the brake pedal, the resulting friction is what slows you down.

They are typically made out of a composite material that can withstand high friction and high heats. 

Why do you need brake shoes?

If it isn’t in full working order then it can affect your braking ability. Anything that impacts your stopping ability is something that needs to work perfectly. If one is more worn than the other or braking is inconsistent then it can lead to accidents and that’s something we want to avoid.

How to tell if you need new brake shoes

If your car starts shuddering under braking or the braking distance is increased, then you may need new brake shoes. Otherwise, you might hear some grinding or groaning as the worn brake pads are pressed into the shoes.

How are brake shoes replaced?

The mechanic will loosen the wheels and hoist the car into the air. The wheels will then be removed and the brake drums taken off of the hubs. The springs and pistons will be disconnected from the shoes and the shoes will be removed. All parts will be cleaned with brake cleaner and then the new shoes will be installed. The drums will be refitted and the wheels refitted also. The car will then undergo an extensive bedding in procedure to mate the new shoes to the drums. 

How much do new brake shoes cost?

The replacement is a little tricky and you really have to know what you’re doing. Prices start at around $300 but can easily climb to over $1000+ if all 4 need replacing and the new shoes are costly.

How often do I need brake shoes replaced?

They are a pretty sturdy part and can last over 100,000km when fitted to the rear usually. The front braking bias is much higher so front brake shoes may only last 35,000km.

Are broken brake shoes unsafe?

Absolutely. As we said, anything that affects your ability to stop is something that you want fixed as soon as possible. Make sure that when they need doing, you get them fixed straight away.

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