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Clutch Fluid Flush and Replacement

When depressing the clutch the hydraulic fluid helps engage the clutch. This makes it easier on you to change gears since you don’t have to have tree trunks for legs to push the pedal in. In stop-start traffic your clutch master and slave cylinders are your best friend. 

What is clutch fluid?

Fundamentally, it’s just brake fluid or something extremely close to it. A hydraulic liquid that can withstand high pressures is pumped through a hose from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder mounted to your bell housing. The slave cylinder moves the shift fork which selects the next gear. Without the fluid it would be very difficult to engage the shift fork.

How do you know when it is time to replace your clutch fluid?

Your clutch fluid can be assessed much like all other fluids in your car. If it is discoloured, has metallic or other contaminants inside it then it probably needs changing. You may also notice that you struggle to engage the clutch or find it hard to engage a new gear with grinding or the shifter kicking out of gear.  

What happens during a clutch fluid replacement?

The hoses and cylinders are inspected and tested for leaks. The fluid is drained out of the system and disposed of. The clutch pedal is pumped while new fluid is topped up to purge the system of the old fluid.

How much does a clutch fluid replacement cost?

It’s a very labour intensive task and the fluid itself is pretty cheap. Prices can be as low as $50 and higher than $200.

Is changing your clutch fluid important?

Clutch fluid helps protect your transmission against wear and tear. So it will save you money in the long run to keep it topped up and clean. It is generally changed and serviced every 30,000km or so, otherwise every couple of years is a good indicator.

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