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CV Joint Replacement

CV joints are far more prevalent nowadays than in older models, this is due to the popularity of front wheel drive in modern cars. They are an often serviced item due to wear and tear as well as being required to be in tip top shape for warrants of fitness. 

What is a CV joint? 

It is basically a drive shaft for a front wheel drive car. It works by taking the spinning shaft from the transmission and then spinning a spherical ball which is connected to the CV shaft which goes to the wheel. As the wheels turn or travel up and down the CV shaft is allowed to move and continue to spin, uninterrupted from the changing angles. 

It’s a very complicated explanation, but imagine your shoulder, your body can stay in place but you swing your arm all over the place. The CV joint is your shoulder, the driveshaft is your body, your arm is the CV shaft and your hand the car's wheel.

CV joint kits + drive shafts - IPD GmbH

Why do you need a CV joint?

The CV joint is required for the engine to drive the wheels as they turn or move up and down along the road. If they start failing, not only will you fail a warrant of fitness (WoF), your car will also struggle to drive properly - if at all. 

How to tell if you need a new CV joint?

The most obvious one is that your car won’t drive. If the CV joint is on its way out, then you may notice a sticky/resistance feel as you turn the car, or an audible click/clack when driving slowly. It’s best to get your CV joint sorted out as soon as any of these start happening. 

How is a CV joint replaced?

It’s a complicated job and it’s one that you need to get right. It’s best left to a qualified mechanic near you. 

They will start by loosening the wheel on the affected side and then hoisting the car up to get access. They will remove the wheel and loosen or remove the sway bar as well as loosen the top struts. They will then unbolt the wheel-axle and carefully push the CV one way and then the other to remove it. They will swap any required seals or ABS sensors across to the new assembly and fit the new assembly. All required components will be bolted up and the sway bar and top struts reset. The wheel will be refitted and then a test drive will be conducted to make sure everything works as it should. 

How much does a CV joint replacement cost?

It’s a very important job and one that will be done thoroughly, expect prices to be in the neighbourhood of $400 to over $1500 depending on the cost of a new one.

How often do I need a CV joint replaced?

Not often, only if they break. Most new cars will go over 160,000km without CV joint issues. The main serviceable part in the assembly is the CV boot and that is something that will be serviced as needs be.

Is a broken CV joint unsafe?

It can be if you’re driving when it breaks. It is an integral part of your car so it is also required for your WoF. It’s not one of those things you can hit snooze on, if a problem comes up then you’ll want to fix it as soon as possible.

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