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Fan Speed Resistor Replacement

What is a Fan Speed Resistor?

The ability to turn up or down the fan speed for your car’s air con is the key function of the fan speed resistor. It simply restricts the amount of power the blower fan receives, which in turn limits the speed the fan works at. Typically fan speed resistors fail as a result of overheating, which can cause a short in the system melting the resistor or any of its connections. 

This is an uncommon repair as these parts are typically designed to last the car’s full life. That said, it will wear out faster by changing the fan speed a lot. 

How do you know when it is time to replace your Fan Speed Resistor?

Interestingly it’s not uncommon for the fan to continue to work at full speed even if the fan speed resistor is broken. This is due to the full speed setting effectively bypassing the resistor altogether. Signs of it failing therefore typically relate to the slow or medium settings not working.  

What happens during a Fan Speed Resistor replacement?

This is a job best left to the pros. Once they find the blower motor and resistor, the mechanic will remove the resistor and check for fried wiring. If this is fine they will simply replace the resistor, clip it into place and reconnect the power wiring. If not, the wires will need to be replaced.

The resistor is typically found in either the engine bay or glove box, and the mechanic will replace any other parts or panels they needed to remove to gain access.

How much does a Fan Speed Resistor replacement cost?

The replacement cost for a fan speed resistor will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle, but you can expect the costs to be between $78 and $450.

Is driving with a broken Fan Speed Resistor unsafe?

There is no real danger posed by a broken fan speed resistor.

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