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Headlight Switch Replacement

Your headlights are responsible for seeing in poor conditions, as well as other motorists seeing you. They’re required for a warrant of fitness and you don’t really want them playing up. The headlight switch is what completes the circuit and if it stops working, you’ll be in deep trouble when the night comes. 

What is a headlight switch?

A headlight switch is used to complete the circuit that powers the headlights. When the switch is closed, the headlights are on, when the switch is open, the headlights are off. It does this by having a relay that completes the circuit. They also usually perform dual functions, such as, parking lights, high beams, headlights and fog lights. So they’re a pretty important part.

Why do you need a headlight switch?

They are responsible for powering all your essential lights apart from the brakes and indicators. They need to be in perfect working order to do their job properly. As your headlights are required for a wof, this switch is pretty important.

How to tell if you need a new headlight switch

If you turn your headlights on and nothing happens, then this is a pretty obvious sign. If they won't turn off, that’s another. If your lights are skittery and flicker and flash while you’ve got them on, then the switch may need to be replaced.

How is a headlight switch replaced?

The mechanic will start by locating the switchboard and removing any carpets or floor mats to access the panel. They will then remove the old switch and replace it with the new one. They may also check the fuse before testing the system and running all the lights. Once they’re satisfied, they will replace all carpets and floor mats and return the car.

How much does a headlight switch replacement cost?

It’s not a tricky job, unless it is. It all depends on the ability to access the switchboard. Typically prices will start around $100 and shouldn’t go above $400

How often do I need a headlight switch replaced?

It’s not common that the switch breaks, usually the bulb or fuse goes first. You shouldn’t have any problems normally. 

Is a broken headlight switch unsafe?

It is if it means you can’t see where you’re going. To protect yourself and other motorists, you should get the switch fixed as soon as you need to.

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