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Oil Cooler Line Replacement

Your oil cooler lines carry oil from the engine to the cooler and from the cooler to the sump. You don’t want these to leak or split, that can lead to oil spilling across the road. Oil outside the car is never a good thing so if one starts leaking, get it replaced as soon as possible.

What is an oil cooler line?

It’s a braided steel or rubber line with connectors on either side to be screwed into the required ends. They’re designed to withstand high temperatures but as they go through so many heat cycles, they do break down eventually.

Why do you need an oil cooler line?

The oil cooler line carries your important oil from the engine to the cooler and then from the cooler back to the engine. You don’t want them spraying oil everywhere if the line splits. 

How to tell if you need a new oil cooler line

If there’s a leak in one of the lines, you’ll notice oil dripping onto the floor. If there’s smoke coming from under the hood then it may be leaking onto the exhaust manifold. If that’s the case, your car may burn to the ground. If the oil level is getting low then it may be worth looking for a leak around the lines and the fittings.

What’s involved in getting an oil cooler line replaced?

The mechanic will hoist the vehicle up and drain the oil out of the system. They will then disconnect the lines and clean the fittings before screwing the new lines on. They will then refill the oil and run the engine to check for leaks when the system is up to pressure.

How much does an oil cooler line cost?

They are a high strength hose with a far bit involved in accessing them. Prices start around $200 but can go above $600 for a full braided steel replacement and fittings. 

How often do I need an oil cooler line replaced?

They typically last around 125,000km with no problems. 

Is a broken oil cooler line unsafe?

It can lead to damage to your engine and your wallet. If there’s a problem then it’s something that should be fixed immediately.

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