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Oil Cooler Replacement

Your engine oil has one of the most important jobs in your car - it keeps your motor lubricated and running as it should. Much everything else mechanical in your car, it has a perfect operating temperature. One of the little thought about things with oil, is that it not only lubricates everything, but also cools key internal components.

What is an oil cooler? 

It’s basically a radiator for your oil. It’s usually mounted somewhere around the front bumper with a vent sending cold air through. This cold air goes through the small radiator that has hot oil pumped through it. Some more performance types of cooler have big fins that the air flows over to cool it more efficiently. This cooler then sends the cooler oil back to the sump and ready to be recirculated.

Why do you need an oil cooler?

If your oil gets too hot, it can lead to it losing its lubricating properties. Not to mention that it can lead to key internal components overheating and damaging your engine. It can also cause other issues such as limp modes and engine codes, that you’ll want to avoid. 

How to tell if you need a new oil cooler

If you notice oil on your floor and it’s coming from the cooler, then you’ll want to replace it. If the engine goes into limp mode and it’s diagnosed as high oil temperature the cooler may need replacing.

What’s involved in getting an oil cooler replaced?

The mechanic will hoist the car and remove any undertrays to access the cooler. They will then drain the oil and probably change the filter. The feed, return, and sender lines will be disconnected from the cooler and the cooler can then be unbolted from the mounting. The new oil cooler will be bolted in its place and have all the lines refitted. New oil will be poured into the engine and the engine turned over to run the oil through the lines. The car will be test run up to temperature and the oil temperature and level will be checked.

How much does an oil cooler replacement cost?

There’s a fair bit of labor and materials involved, expect prices to start around $325 and can go over $850

How often do I need an oil cooler replaced?

They aren’t prone to breaking an shouldn’t fail under 175,000km

Is a broken oil cooler unsafe?

If it leaks oil on your tyres then it can be. It’s mainly only dangerous to your wallet, anything that interferes with your engines oiling and cooling is not something to mess around with

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