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Rear Brake Rotor Replacement

Your brake rotors are what your brake pads are pressed against to slow the car down. They are the round, shiny, steel discs that you can see behind your front wheels. These are usually made out of steel or other strong steel materials. 

What is a rear brake rotor?

A rear brake rotor is that disc behind your wheel. Called a ‘rotor’ because it rotates with the wheels as it is connected directly to the hub assembly. It is usually made out of a steel composite material that is designed to withstand large loads and temperatures. This is because with the friction that comes from the pads pressing against them, comes a lot of heat and pressure. 

So it’s as they go about their job and get put through these high temperatures they do wear down. Your brakes get thorough workouts every time you drive so they are expected to wear out eventually. 

Why do you need rear brake rotors?

In order to stop your vehicle when and where you need it to, your brake rotors need to be in tip top shape. 

If they are worn on a particular side or faded at the front or rear, it can seriously affect your driving ability and safety. New rotors will ensure that your car stops exactly the way you want it to, every time you need it to.

How to tell if you need new brake rotors

If your braking distance is increased and the car doesn’t stop at the same speed it should, it might be time for new rotors. You can see on the rotor small grooves that the brake pads have carved into the rotors. The noticeable wear is a key identifiable indicator. Squealing under braking or a pulling to one side are also possible signs.

How are rear brake rotors replaced?

The wheels are loosened and the car is hoisted into the air. The wheels are then removed and the brake caliper is disconnected from the hub to allow access to the rotor. The rotor is then removed from the hub and the new one is installed. The caliper is reconnected to the hub and the pads are bedded against the rotor. The car will then be test driven and returned back to you.

How much does a rear brake rotor replacement cost?

These are a big and expensive part but not very labour intensive. Expect prices to start around $350 for a cheap and easy job. 

It should be noted that prices can climb to well over $1000 if 2 or more need replacing on a performance/European car.

How often do I need my brake rotors replaced?

These are a pretty strong part and don’t wear out as quickly as brake pads. They typically last well north of 100,000km’s but it is also heavily dependent on how the car is driven.

Is a broken brake rotor unsafe?

Yes it is, anything that affects your ability to stop your car is something that should be taken seriously. You can also fail a WoF with faulty rotors, so save yourself an accident and some money and get them replaced as soon as needed.

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