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Tyre Repair

Tyre punctures happen all the time and for some reason it’s always raining when they do. Rather than get a whole new tyre, in some cases you can simply get a tyre repair performed. 

What is tyre repair?

A tyre repair is basically a glorified hole plugging exercise. A trained specialist will have to perform it as there is a specific way it has to be performed to ensure that it works as it should. The specialist will use a rubber compound and plug the hole with material before covering the whole area with a sealant patch.

Why do you need a tyre repair?

If you’ve got a flat tyre but don’t want to fork out for the cost of a new tyre, this offers a cheaper alternative. They can also mean that you’re back on the road a lot quicker than having to wait a couple of days to get a new tyre shipped into the store.

How to tell if you need a new tyre repair

If you’ve got a small puncture like a bolt, nail, screw or small diameter hold then you can get that repaired. Anything in the sidewall cannot be repaired due to the different loads that they go through. 

What’s involved in getting a tyre repair?

The mechanic will hoist the car and remove the tyre. They will then deflate the tyre and remove it from the rim. After cleaning the inside surface they will then coat the rubber compound over the hole and plug the hole. Once that has cured they will use the sealant patch to cover the affected area. The tyre will be refitted and reinflated and put back on the car.

How much does a tyre repair cost?

It can be as little as $45 and as much as $120 in any case, it’s likely to be cheaper than a new tyre.

How often do I need a tyre repair?

Only when you get a puncture, so ideally not that often.

Is a punctured tyre unsafe?

Driving on a flat tyre is unsafe and that’s something that a tyre repair can resolve. If you do have a flat, get the wheel off and take it in to a mechanic to see what they can do.

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