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Tyre Replacement

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Why do you need new tyres?

As tyres are made of rubber, over time they wear down while doing their hard job of gripping your car to the road. If your tyre tread gets low, you can be at risk of losing traction and sliding off the road, or bursting a tyre. Fortunately, you can keep an eye on your tyres and replace them when they look worn out. But don't worry, your WoF inspector will also be having a close look too!

How are tyres fitted?

A special tool is vital for changing tyres. Specialists usually use what is called a tyre changer for removing and mounting new tyres. It is fitted with a mounting arm and a bead breaker, and without one of these, it is barely possible to change a tyre. 

How much do new tyres cost in Napier?

It really depends on what type of wheels you have, and what you want to use your car for. A cheap road tyre for a small car can be less than $100 per wheel, but for a high performance tyre, for a racing car or super car, you can be looking at well over $500 per tyre. 

We let you pick a tyre based on how much your looking to spend in a simple way. No matter which one you choose you can be confident you're getting a quality, correctly fitting tyre, specific to your car.