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Wheel Hub Replacement

In order to keep your wheels connected to the car and to your brakes, you need a wheel hub. Your wheel hub is the section that connects your axles to your wheels and holds the studs that keep the wheels on. 

What is a wheel hub?

The wheel hub connects the wheels and the axles together. They spin freely thanks to the bearings that are fitted between the hub and the axle. This allows the axle to spin the hub which in turn spins the wheel, but very little resistance makes its way back to the differential. 

Why do you need a wheel hub?

Asides from being responsible for spinning your wheels and holding your brakes and wheels where they’re supposed to be, they also hold the ABS sensors. Your wheel hubs need to be safe and sound to ensure your driving is the same.

How to tell if you need a new wheel hub

If there is excessive play with the wheels then that’s a good indication. If the car shudders during turns and doesn’t drive straight then the hubs might be to blame as well. If you hear any odd clicking sounds coming from around a specific wheel then the hub may be loose and need replacing as well. 

What’s involved in getting a wheel hub replaced?

The mechanic will remove the wheel on the affected corner and hoist the car up. They will then disconnect any of the components that are connected to the hub. They will then remove the brake calipers and rotors and unbolt the axle. The hub will then be removed and the new one fitted. The axle will be re-bolted and the ABS sensors and braking system will be fitted to the new hub. The wheel will then be refitted and a wheel alignment performed. The car will be tested and then returned to the customer.

How much does a wheel hub replacement cost?

The prices range from $175 and can go over $550 for some models.

How often do I need a wheel hub replaced?

It’s reasonably rare for the entire hub to be required to be replaced. Usually bearings, ABS sensors and brake components are more likely to break. 

Is a broken wheel hub unsafe?

If it breaks while driving it can cause your car to crash. It is extremely dangerous, and something that should be taken care of as soon as possible.

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