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Wheel Stud Replacement

Your wheel studs hold your wheels onto your car. They’re pretty important for a glorified bolt. Some are arranged in different bolt patterns but mostly there are 4 or 5 of them in each hub. If you break a stud it’s not the end of the world but it could be if you ignore it. 

What is a wheel stud?

It is not too dissimilar to a bolt really. Older ones were pressed through the hub and the wheel slipped onto the studs and then secured in place with lug nuts. Most modern cars have wheel studs threaded through the hub. They come in all different sizes and patterns, and often only work with their manufacturers products.

Why do you need wheel studs?

They hold your wheels onto your car. If one of them breaks you’ll be faced with the comical scenario of the wheel overtaking your car. They are essential for keeping you safe on the road and your car out of accidents.

How to tell if you need a new wheel stud

If you can see that the stud is broken or missing then it will need replacing. If you notice a bit of play in the wheels and can feel a vibration when driving, that’s another indication. Most of the time a mechanic will notice an at risk stud during regular servicing.

What’s involved in getting a wheel stud replaced?

The mechanic will hoist the car up and remove the wheel, they will then disconnect anything attached to the hub. Once they have free and clear access to the wheel studs they may remove the hub to press the stud out or they may be able to take them out with the hub still attached. They will make sure that the hub has not been damaged and fit the new stud to the vehicle. The surrounding components will be fitted and the wheel refitted before a wheel alignment is performed and the ticked as good to go. 

How much does a wheel stud cost?

Generally, easier jobs start around $100 and can go over $500 depending on the state of the hub and the amount of studs that need replacing. 

How often do I need a wheel stud replaced?

Only if they break, generally they get spotted pretty early. If you lose one, you can drive directly to a mechanic to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Is a broken wheel stud unsafe?

It can be if you lose a couple on the spot. It’ll be worse if you lose all of them at once and then lose your wheel. If you need a new one, get it as soon as possible.

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