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Windscreen Chip Repair

That heart sinking feeling can happen at any time, but with the nature of New Zealand roads and our affinity for road trips to the most remote corners, stone chips and windscreen repairs become a much more frequent occurrence. Fortunately windscreen repair technology has advanced significantly, and the world of a new windscreen every time is slowly declining, so you can get your windscreen sorted without the big bill. 

Not commonly known, a windscreen is part of the vehicle’s structural skeleton, so it’s important to get any damage fixed as soon as possible. 

What is a windscreen chip?

A chip or crack typically arises from an impact, 9 times out of 10 caused by a stone on the road flicked up by the vehicle travelling in front. Windscreen repairers have gone as far as labelling different types of chips based on the impact and damage done, such as a crater, horseshoe, star or bullseye. 

Windscreen Chip Types

Why do you need to get your windscreen chip fixed?

A windscreen is made of laminated glass, and while providing great vision for driving, also acts as an important safety item in the car's skeleton. If a crash were to occur and the windscreen has a weak spot in it, it’s more likely to fail. Not to mention if further chips can start to impair vision. Fortunately, it’s a pretty smooth, simple job while your chip is still small enough. 

What chips can be repaired without a full windscreen replacement?

See the below measurements to determine if a repair can be completed:

Windscreen Chip Repair Criteria

Other technology in your vehicle, such as windscreen display (ADAS), heating and auto-wipers may impact the ability to have a chip fixed.

How is a windscreen chip repaired?

A windscreen chip repair requires an expert to work their magic. They will clean and assess the area to remove any loose dirt and glass. They’ll then fix a positioning device to inject the right amount of resin in a vacuum. This will happen multiple times to ensure all air is removed and replaced by glass resin. A UV light is then used to cure the resin before the windscreen is cleaned and polished. Easy!

How much does a windscreen chip repair cost?

If the windscreen is able to be repaired, the cost should only be between $80 - $130 in NZ, and a minimal amount for any extra chip. 

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