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Windscreen Replacement

Your windscreen is much more than just protection from the wind and UV rays whilst driving, infact, it’s a crucial part of the vehicle's structure. If it’s compromised, it can materially affect the safety of people in the car during an accident. 

Windscreen repairs can vary in cost depending on the technology in a car. More modern cars that have windscreen display, cameras and sensors built in can be thousands of dollars to replace, while an older, simpler car can be just a couple of hundred. 

Either way, if you have damage to your windscreen, it’s worth having it addressed sooner than later.

What is a windscreen?

Even though it’s staring you in the face every time you get into the car, it’s very rare you have a good look at it and appreciate the technology in a windscreen. A windscreen is generally made of 2 sheets of glass laminated together with a thin piece of plastic between them. In modern cars, the windscreen may hold even more functionality than just wind and sun protection. Display functionality, sensors and cameras are being built into windscreens to aid driving. 

How do you know when it is time to replace your windscreen?

This is usually fairly obvious, large chips or cracks are a giveaway. However repair technology has got better, so you can refer to the below info to know what you can repair vs. replace:


What happens during a windscreen replacement?

Your glassier will remove the rubber trim and sealant around the outside of the windscreen, then, usually with support, lift out the old windscreen using especially designed suction tools. The new windscreen is then fitted in the reverse order.  

How much does a windscreen replacement cost?

Cost really depends on the technology in the car. The more modern the car, with more bells and whistles, likely means a higher cost of windscreen and more labour time to fit it. A windscreen replacement can range from a couple hundred dollars to a couple of thousand. 

Is driving with a broken windscreen unsafe?

As the windscreen is crucial for vision and structural integrity, it’s pretty important to have functioning correctly. We would highly recommend getting any damage repaired quickly to ensure safety of the car's occupants.

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