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Wiper Blade Replacement

There’s nothing more annoying than driving with a dirty windscreen and then when you turn the wipers on it gets worse. And everyone notices that awful screeching sound that wipers make when they’re on their last legs. 

Being unable to clear water off of the windscreen can be hazardous and if you can’t see through the dirt and grime it can stop you from seeing what’s in front of you. 

Your windscreen wipers are often replaced during a service but if they start failing in between services don't worry, they're an easy fix. 

What are windscreen wiper blades? 

Windscreen wiper blades are a long frame that is mounted at the bottom of the windscreen. When activated they move along the screen in a wide sweeping motion clearing water and any other debris. 

The arm that is mounted to the car has a rubber (or different soft plastic) blade that acts as a squeegee whilst also not scratching the windscreen.

Why do you need windscreen wiper blades? 

If you’re driving along, it’s always good to be able to see where you’re going. 

When it's raining, foggy, windscreen iced up etc, your wiper blades help keep your glass clear and your eyes on the road. 

If you get splashed by some dirt or dust, wiper blades can help clear your windscreen with help from the windscreen washer jets. 

What symptoms mean you need new windscreen wiper blades

  • Windscreen is smeared or scratched when using the wipers
  • Screeching as the wiper blades move back and forth
  • Some areas of the windscreen aren’t cleaned when the wipers are in operation
  • The wiper blades struggle to move across the windscreen

How to replace windscreen wiper blades

  • Lift both the wiper blades up off of the windscreen 
  • Release the clips that hold the blades in place
  • Some models the wiper blade can then be slid off of the arm
  • The new wiper blade is slid into the same position as the old one
  • Lower the arm back onto the windscreen
  • Test operation and adjust the blade as needs be

How much does a wiper blade replacement cost? 

They’re a pretty cheap solve and one that you can do yourself. 

Prices can range from $15 to $55 to have an expert fit them for you.

How often do you need new wiper blades?

Only once they start to fail. Usually because the rubber gets worn or ripped. 

They can last over 30,000km but it all depends on your model and usage.

Is a broken windscreen wiper unsafe? 

Yes it is, anything that impedes your ability to see out of your car is something that should be fixed. 

Luckily wiper blades are a cheap and easy fix and will have you seeing clearly again in no time.

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