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Power Steering Reservoir Replacement

Your power steering system requires plenty of transmission fluid to run properly. Not all of this fluid is used at once and as such it needs to be stored somewhere. The power steering reservoir holds the fluid and feeds it as required. 

What is a power steering reservoir?

Your power steering reservoir is typically made out of plastic or steel and is mounted in the engine bay. It has a feed line, a return line and a cap to fill it up from. As the pump draws fluid from the reservoir it will drop the level, so many reservoirs have a see through section with fill lines to indicate how much fluid you need. 

Why do you need a power steering reservoir?

Your power steering pump can be seriously damaged from cavitation, so it requires fluid at all times to operate properly. Your reservoir makes sure that there is always the right amount of fluid in the system. 

How to tell if you need a new power steering reservoir

The most obvious way is if you notice a leak coming from the reservoir. If your car makes a loud squealing noise when turning the wheel, that’s an indication that the fluid is low. Any change to the feel of the steering is also something that could be traced to the reservoir.

What’s involved in getting a power steering reservoir replaced?

The power steering lines will be disconnected and the remaining fluid drained out of the reservoir. The old reservoir will be unbolted from its mounting and the new reservoir will be installed in its place. The lines will be reconnected to the new reservoir and the fluid topped off. The system will be bled and tested before returning the car to the customer. 

How much does a power steering reservoir cost?

Reservoirs are made to fit the make and model of the specific car and sometimes even specific engines. That can make the reservoirs themselves hard to find or very easy to find. Prices range from $140 to over $500 in some cases, it all depends on the car. 

How often do I need a power steering reservoir replaced?

Most of the time, you won’t ever have to worry about it. They aren’t something that gets replaced often. They will only need to be replaced if something goes wrong with them.

Is a broken power steering reservoir unsafe?

It can lead to your steering being affected and turning your car is pretty important. A damaged reservoir can also lead to a damaged power steering pump, which is a lot more expensive than the reservoir by itself. 

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