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Cooling Fan Replacement

In order to keep your car's engine cool, calm and collected, your cooling system uses a cooling fan to move air through the radiator and cool the coolant. Over time the fan can become damaged or can just wear out. It’s a really important part of the cooling system so if there’s a problem then it needs to be solved as soon as possible.

What is a cooling fan?

A cooling fan is usually made out of plastic or metal and is either run off of the engine or powered by an electric motor. It sits either in front of the radiator and ‘pushes’ air through it, or it sits behind it and ‘pulls’ air through it. Often there is shrouding around the fan to force more air through the radiator. The electric powered fans turn on when the engine hits a certain temperature and the mechanic fans run all the time. 

Why do you need a cooling fan?

When your car is driving along at around 50kph or above, there is plenty of air circulating through the radiator. This keeps the coolant, and as a result the engine, at the perfect temperature. However, when your car stops or crawls along, there isn’t enough air speed to give the radiator the air it requires. The radiator fan makes sure that the right amount of air is passing through the radiator. 

How to tell if you need a new cooling fan

If the blades of the fan are broken, cracked or worn then you’ll need a new fan. If the fan doesn’t spin or if there’s a lot of resistance to spinning then you may need a new fan. Some other key tells are if the engine overheats repeatedly or if the relays and fuses for the fan blow often. 

What’s involved in getting a cooling fan replaced

The mechanic will remove any shrouding and coverings to access the fan. They will then unbolt and disconnect the fan from the belt running it. If it’s electric then they will disconnect it from the connectors and unbolt the fan from the assembly. They will then replace the fan with the new one and test the system.

How much does a cooling fan cost?

Given the different types of fans available the prices vary across the different types and kinds. Expect prices to go as low as $280 and over $800 for the expensive high-tech stuff.

How often do I need a cooling fan replaced?

Usually the fan won’t break, the fuses or relays will go first. If the fan breaks however, it’s worth getting replaced as soon as possible.

Is a broken cooling fan unsafe?

Not to your road safety but certainly to your engine’s safety. You don’t want to run the risk of cooking your motor, so if a problem comes up, you should get it fixed as soon as possible.

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