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Exhaust Repair

What is an Exhaust Pipe  

An exhaust pipe is responsible for carrying combustion gases out of your car. More technically it connects from the exhaust manifold to the muffler. It is usually made out of steel  but they can also be stainless steel or aluminised steel. Because of the acids and grease the exhaust pipe carries it is one of the few parts on your car that wears even when the car is not running.

How to tell if you need an exhaust repair?

There are multiple signs that your exhaust pipe might need a repair. Visually you can look and check for rust or holes and cracks. If there are any signs of rust, holes or cracks along the people then you should book in your car. Rust is the most common sign that you need to get your exhaust pipe looked at. If you hear a rattling sound, or louder than normal engine sound when you are driving this could also mean you need an exhaust repair. If you can smell fumes and gases this could be another sign of a faulty exhaust pipe.

How is an exhaust tube replaced?

If the damage is minor a mechanic can weld leaking exhaust pipes. Minor damage includes small cracks or holes. If the damage is significant you may need to replace the entire exhaust pipe and other exhaust system components. 

How much does Exhaust Repair cost?

A simple weld on your exhaust pipe can cost as little as $45 and go up to $75 for a short piece of pipe replacement. However, it is likely that if there is damage to your exhaust pipe there might be damage to other components of the system. 

How often do I need an exhaust repair?

Your exhaust pipe and the entire exhaust comes under a lot of stress from the outside environment. Whether it be bumps, stones, water or dirt there are a lot of factors that can damage your exhaust that can mean you need a repair done.

Is a broken exhaust unsafe?

Yes, due to the acids produced during combustion it is necessary that the exhaust pipe and system operate properly for your safety. You don't want to breathe in toxic fumes and you certainly can't wear your dive mask behind the wheel. If you think your car may have a hole or crack in its exhaust pipe it should be a top priority to get it to a mechanic ASAP 

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